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1.1.Brief introduction:        Download the training leaflet

Dragon Program, a large-scale international cooperative research project initiated by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and the European Space Agency in 2004 in the field of Earth observation, has been successfully implemented for 15 years. Its main objective is to establish a joint research team of China and Europe for the application of Earth observation data and to carry out Sino-European cooperative research on land, atmospheric and marine remote sensing. Improvement of remote sensing application technology of both sides. The Dragon Program is implemented jointly by our Center and the Earth Observation Department of the European Space Agency (ESA). Currently, four phases (2016-2020) of the project are being implemented.
The annual training activities are an important part of the Dragon Program cooperation. The training course lasts for one week. Most of the trainees are post-doctoral, doctoral postgraduates and young technical backbone of various units. The teaching experts are composed of first-class European experts selected by the European Space Agency and well-known experts in related fields in China. The content of the training course is composed of theory teaching and operation practice. The combination of theory and practice can better promote the majority of students to master the methods of software use and data processing.
Every year, the Dragon Program organizes training courses on remote sensing-related topics in a university or institute in China.
As one of the training courses in this series, the Advanced Training Course on Land Remote Sensing in 2019 will be held in Campus C of Chongqing University from Monday, 18 November, to Saturday, 23 November. Young scientific researchers, doctoral students and postdoctoral students engaged in the application of land remote sensing are welcome to register for a five-day training course, which is of a public interest and does not charge registration fees or training fees.

Training course leaflet
Library of Huxi Campus of Chongqing University


The main objectives of this "Dragon Plan" advanced training course on land remote sensing are as follows:

  • Introduce the past, current and future work of ESA and China Earth Observation Satellites and their data acquisition.
  • Demonstrate the application of Copernicus Sentinels, ESA, Third Party Mission and China's Earth Observation Data in land monitoring.
  • Introduce software tools and methods for ESA and China satellite data processing.
This training course is sponsored by Chongqing University, and is taught by Chief Scientist of Earth Observation of China and Europe in the Dragon Project.
1.3.Sponsor unit

European Space Agency (http://www.esa.int/ESA)

National Remote Sensing Center of China(http://www.nrscc.gov.cn/)
1.4.Undertaking unit
Chongqing University (https://www.cqu.edu.cn/)
Important notes:

The deadline for registration of this training is 30 September.
Limited Capacity.Please apply as soon as possible.
Training Date Arrangement:
Registration date: 30 April to 30 Septembe 2019.
Notice of Final Admission List: 15 October to 26 October 2019.
Registration date: 16 November to 17 November 2019.
Training date: 18 November to 23 November 2019.

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